SEO Pro is an all-in-one site reporting, metadata wrangling, Open Graph managing, Twitter card making, sitemap generating, turnkey addon.

How does it do it?

SEO Pro maps existing fields (along with the ability to override on a per-collection or per-entry basis) to your meta data. This eliminates complicated logic in your templates and layouts, the need to manually create and include SEO fieldsets, and takes care of your sitemaps for you.


Run reports on your site that factor in modern best practices for Search Engine Optimization. Receive a grade score on how complete and effective your efforts are, as well as a list of things that need to be addressed to improve your rank.


The reporting engine can display your current report rank as a widget so you know what needs to be done.

Meta Data

SEO Pro can use your existing content to dynamically set the full range of meta/OG/twitter data fields. Set site-wide defaults and optionally overriding and customize them on a per-collection/taxonomy level, as well as the individual entry/term/page level.

SEO Pro handles the following meta fields:

  • title
  • meta description
  • home/canonical links

Open Graph

SEO Pro automatically sets all appropriate Open Graph tags based on your content and site configuration, including summary/social sharing images and locales.

  • og:type
  • og:title
  • og:description
  • og:url
  • og:site_name
  • og:locale
  • og:locale:alternate
  • og:image
  • og:image:width
  • og:image:height

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are designed to give the reader a preview of the content before clicking through to your website.

SEO Pro will automatically generate Twitter cards for you, using your meta and OG data. No extra work necessary.

Sitemap Generator

SEO Pro lets you manage a fully configurable and automated sitemap. Customize priority, update frequency, and let it do its thing, hassle free.


A humans.txt file contains information about the different people who have contributed to building the website. You can prove your authorship (not your property) in this external, fast, easy and accessible way.

Of course, you can disable it if you want or need to.

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Released July 17, 2018
Updated 6 months ago
Version v1.1.2
Downloads 1173
Requires Statamic 2.10.0


We are the creators of Statamic.

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